Sugar Hill’s Heart of Chaos

Breeder: Amanda Lindemuth

Owners: Amanda Lindemuth & Mark Wessner

DOB: 6/11/19

chaos best in showww.jpgchaosschaosface

Years ago my foundation breeder Stanley Shultz said to me, “share beautiful dogs with people, with the world…” and I’ve never forgot it. My co breeder Andrea Simmers gave me my first beagle in my ADULT life… when I really got back into breeding and showing. Her name is Meg. After Meg came Puddin’ and after Puddin’ came Loco and Chaos. I knew I should give a female puppy back to Andy. So, I offered her Indie, Meg’s daughter, but the timing and breeding wasn’t ideal for Andy… so I happily kept her. Since then she’s gotten a few male puppies from me, but I knew I still should pass along a bitch. I bred Puddin’ out of Meg’s first litter and got Chaos and Loco’s litter. I again, offered her the pick female, Chaos. Andy and I both knew Mark. Andy more than I.  His kennel had burned to the ground and his prize beagles along with it. We knew he deserved a beautiful dog of the same lines he was breeding. We agreed to co own, show, and breed together. I’m proud to say Andy has shown Chaos throughout her 4-6 month puppy career, mentored Mark in some dog show handling and it IS a success story. Chaos took best 4-6 month puppy at the 2019 National specialty. My bred by bitch and Mark’s pride and joy… with Andy on the end of the lead. Afterwards, we surged ahead in the 4-6 month puppy classes. Multiple group placements and a BEST IN SHOW PUPPY WIN later, we couldn’t be more proud. In 2020 Chaos continues to impress with a nice placement at the national! We cannot wait to see what this little girl can do. GO TEAM CHAOS!

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