About Us


My name is Amanda Palmer, Mandy for short. My mother,  Jody Lindemuth & I have been breeding, hunting, & showing our beagles since the early 2000s. My mother is more of a silent partner now-a-days, but she’s the reason I’m in the breed!

bucks with mom

Since we started out with hunting dogs, our primary goal is to make SURE we can hunt over our dogs. That being said, we only want to breed towards the correct breed standard.

My dogs aren’t just hunting dogs, but they aren’t just show dogs either. I’m breeding to help make a beagle what it should be- a great companion that is structurally correct AND has the drive to run a rabbit. My goal isn’t necessarily a dual champion, a dog with a show and field title, but a structurally beautiful and sound dog that has enough drive to run a rabbit correctly.

My dogs are like my children, so I work very hard to get the most out of each of them. That being said, not everyone lives up to what I want moving forward in the breed, so some of my babies are placed in pet homes or spayed. The main difference- other than FB_IMG_1534638961448the hunt/show mix about my dogs is their temperament. I have had an overly friendly dog stolen while she was running rabbits. I want a sweet temperament that is loyal to THEIR PERSON. My dogs are more needy than some, but also VERY intelligent. If you don’t have beagle experience or at least research the breed, my dogs may not be right for you!

SHH hunting

I AM happy to work with most anyone who treats their dogs well- hunters, pet homes, & show people alike. If you’re new to the breed or looking for a dog, young or old, I’m happy to invite you to meet the dogs and get to know me! Feel free to email me with any questions or if you just want to meet our dogs!


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