Hello, we do have a waiting list! Currently the waiting list is around 6 months to 1 year long. People come and go off the waiting list regularly, so the wait could be shorter. Depending on what you are looking for and your living circumstances you may be moved up the list. You can come meet my dogs and even call and talk to me about my line of dogs if you want to know more otherwise feel free to email us at sugarhillhounds@gmail.com for a puppy questionnaire. To be put on the waiting list you must complete a questionnaire.

We plan to breed our Indie girl again in October 2022. She is a sweet show girl bred to be bred to a short stalky show boy yet to be determined. Currently all puppies are probably spoken for, but people fall off of the waiting list all the time, so this is subject to change. Pups will be born end of December if she stays true to her last heat and will be ready in Feb/March. The pick bitch out of the litter is already set for a show home in this litter.

After that we may breed Sassy for her 2nd litter in June of 2022…. she did only have 1 puppy the 1st time around!

AFTER THOSE 2- we’re about 2-3 years out from breeding…

If you are interested in a puppy  and we don’t have anything that suits your needs please visit our links page for information on quality puppies. If you have any questions on where to find a quality puppy for pet or show homes feel free to email us. Even if we don’t have any puppies available through our kennel we can put you in touch with amazing breeders that may have available pups.


We are happy to announce that we have all of our available adults placed currently.

Stud Dogs:


CH Nite N Day’s Shoo Fly Pie

I’m so proud of my first home bred stud dog. He’s Factor 7 and MLS clear. He comes from a wonderful mix of hunting and show line. He is not yet proven

Sugar Hill’s Locomotion

This very handsome man is driven, determined, and knows it! He is MLS and Factor 7 clear. He has 1 litter of a singleton on the ground- the bitch was older and his semen looks great microscopically.

Email: sugarhillhounds@gmail.com

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