Daisy is set to be bred to either Hillbilly or another field boy we’ve had our eye on around March of 2023.

*I have around 4-5 people on this list already!*

We are going to try ONE MORE TIME to get Sassy pregnant… but it isn’t an easy ask. Hillbilly will be the sire… and she’s due to come in around April of 2023. She has had a singleton litter, so if you are interested in one of these puppies LET ME KNOW NOW. I wouldn’t put it past my mom to keep all of the puppies from this litter!!!

Indie has had 2 litters and MAY have a 3rd… but we are leaning towards finishing her show Championship (1 major needed) and spaying her.

We are looking for approved homes- call or email for questionnaire.

sugarhillhounds@gmail.com OR 814-591-1151


You can come meet my dogs and even call and talk to me about my line of dogs if you want to know more otherwise feel free to email us at sugarhillhounds@gmail.com for a puppy questionnaire. To be put on the waiting list you must complete a questionnaire.


AFTER THOSE 2- we MAY breed Indie one last time…. but otherwise, we’re looking at Tsula being bred in 2024.


IF YOU ARE EAGER TO GET A PUPPY & would consider letting me show and breed the dog- I discount the price of the puppy and alter the contract they are sent on accordingly. You are normally moved to the top of our waiting list if you are willing to do this!


If you are interested in a puppy and we don’t have anything that suits your needs, please visit our links page for information on quality puppies. If you have any questions on where to find a quality puppy for pet or show homes, feel free to email us. Even if we don’t have any puppies available through our kennel, we can put you in touch with amazing breeders that may have available pups.


We are SO FORTUNATE that we have people that want adults so often.

I do not foresee any adult placements in the next few years.

email us or call with any questions!

Stud Dogs:


CH Sugar Hill’s Locomotion CGCA TKN

This very handsome man is driven, determined, and knows it! He is MLS and Factor 7 clear. He has multiple puppies ground. His semen looks great microscopically. Show Kids: Tsula – has both majors almost finished.

Gerhart’s Go Get’Em Hillbilly

Hands down one of the best dual-purpose dogs I’ve had the pleasure of co-owning. Factor 7 and MLS clear.


Sugar Hill’s Duke of Barren Hill

He’s just a baby but kicking some butt in the ring and with rabbits!


Sugar Hill’s Sweet Tea for Loki

VERY YOUNG Hill baby!


Gerhart’s Go Get’Em Sugar Hill

Loki’s brother 


CH Nite N Day’s Shoo Fly Pie

I’m so proud of my first home bred stud dog. He’s Factor 7 and MLS clear. He comes from a wonderful mix of hunting and show line. He is not yet proven.


Email: sugarhillhounds@gmail.com

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