Rainbow Bridge

Here are just a few of our furry family that has crossed the bridge…




Lex Luther wasn’t a show dog, but she sure looked good when she ran a rabbit!




Mama Lil was my mom & my first beagle growing up. She as also the first beagle we trained on our own to hunt a rabbit.



Dee was a great little obedience dog for me and she will always be remembered for her loving temperament. She had a lot of sweet puppies in her lifetime… Chance is her granddaughter, making Sassy her great granddaughter.




Deb Deb was one of my heart dogs. Unfortunately she passed away at an early age before she could finish her championship. Deb died doing what she loved doing, hunting rabbits. What most people don’t realize is you cannot call a beagle off of a rabbit… even if the rabbit crosses the road. She will forever be missed.



Dixie, better known as  “the muffin,” was the first Sugar hill show champion. She was my mother’s dog through and through, but she was also my juniors dog. In her short life with us she placed fairly well at the triple challenge in Aldie, VA at the tendor age of two. We had every intention of taking her back to improve more on her field skills, but unfortunately she was stolen and we never were able to find her…



sammySam was my grandma’s dog. I grew up helping my grandma (who is a certified dog trainer) work with Samantha in obedience. She was practically one of my own dogs. I can honestly say she was my best friend growing up and she will forever be missed.

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