Hampton Court’s Jo The Comeback Kid at Sugar Hill

Owner: Kurtis Palmer

Birth date: 11/14/20

JoJo bean 4pt major 1st show at a specialty

Kurtis, my husband, wanted a bird dog and his own dog in our “pack.” I encouraged him to research and make sure he picked the right breed. We went over the energy requirements and commitment of such a high energy dog. We both agreed we wanted something structurally correct- show quality- and something that could run in the field. We were both very impressed to see that German Wirehaired Pointers had a nice representation of both in the breed. After meeting Kelly Schupp, we knew we had found our breeder. Jolene is a loyal clown of a dog and we couldn’t be happier with her. She has been in training and pointing on birds as well as getting a 4 point major AT A SPECIALTY her first day at a show! We cannot wait to see what this little girl does in the field and in the ring.

We have also shot multiple pheasants over her thus far! She is a great companion dog!

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