CH Bunnyville Barren Hill’s Nutmeg

Owned by Amanda Myers

Co-owned by Andrea Simmers

Birthday: 02/22/14


When Meg isn’t sleeping at the top of the couch, she is in the weeds hunting a bunny. When she isn’t doing that she is in a kayak or in her mama’s lap. She is an excellent little rabbit dog and I’m proud to say also a Champion show dog. 8/28/16 Meg finished her Championship with her third major win! 01/22/17 Meg had her 1st litter of 4 puppies with Chubbs. Her second and last litter was with Chrome (pictured below) in July of 2018. She is now spayed and spending out the rest of her days running bunnies and relaxing.


For the next generation check out Bronson, Indie, and Puddin‘.

Her grandkids Loco and Chaos are also ones to watch out for!

Nutmeg Pedigree

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