Bunnyville Sugar Hill’s Cherokee Red Fox

AKA: “Tsula”

Owned by Amanda Palmer

Co-owned by Andrea Simmers

Birthday: 5/10/21

Tsula is our FIESTY little red fox. She is the 2nd red and white I’ve ever owned and so far have no regrets. Her mother, Curry (Nutmeg’s sister), is one of the SWEETEST dogs I’ve ever met. Her father, Loco, is a love bug and a holy terror. This puppy has the personality to DIE FOR. Confident in herself and in love with everyone she meets. She made her debut at the 2021 National in the 4-6 month puppy class, just like her Daddy did years ago. My co-breeder and I are very pleased to have improved our overall temperament and rear movement with this exciting young girl!

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